Saturday, 8 September 2012

Introducing ....

Although not that relevant to our African journey, we wanted to take this opportunity to welcome the newest addition to the Chan Family! Byron's oldest sister, Cynthia, and his brother-in-law, Roger, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on September 4th. Weighing in at a healthy 6 lbs and 15 oz, please welcome Reese Lui! 

As we held her and gazed at her round, little face, we were hit with the realization that it would be the last time we would get to see her (in person) and hold her for the next year. Despite the excitement building up for the beginning of our journey, it was a sobering reminder of how bittersweet our departure is and how much we will miss our loved ones while we are away.

We thank God for blessing Cynthia and Roger with this little angel and pray that Reese would grow healthier, stronger and look less like Roger every day!

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