Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Heartwarming Letter

There are 10 people in our orientation group, including us. Below is a letter written to another married couple in our orientation, Marj and George Miller, from the family that they stayed with in Oshoek. Marj and George are parents to 4 children, grandparents to 6 grandchildren and are probably the nicest people we will ever meet. They have hearts of gold and have been such a positive example for all of us during our brief time here. Apparently, their family in Oshoek feels the same way. When Marj and George shared about their time during their community stay and read this letter aloud to our group, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. With their permission, we posted this letter for you to read as a testament to the impact we can have by simply showing people they are loved and the amazing things God can do in a short amount of time. Enjoy!

Marj and George

I am very glad to get this opportunity to write this letter to you.

I hope your jornery will be good and God may bless u. U mean a lot to us. You are being a Mother and a Father. You are full of love, careful and kindly to us.

We are very happy to meet each other. We will always remember you. So please take care of your children and your grandchildren as we do to us.

I think God will bless and make u to leave a long life and a real grandmother and grandfather. When I see you I remember when my parents are alive because there were treating us like you. So please continue doing that to other. Don’t end this to us.

We will always remember you and I know that God is there for you.

Thank you. Goodbye. Have a nice day and life.

Love is to care. We are being a family.

Thank to be related.

The letter
Marj and George with their family

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