Monday, 3 December 2012

Do you know what's happening in the DRC?

We felt compelled to write a blog post about the dire situation taking place in the DRC. We understand that what is happening right now is not getting much publicity outside of Africa and wanted to make everyone back at home aware of what is going on.

Hands at Work has a presence in the southern DRC and recently has been working at developing a community-based organization in the large eastern city of Goma. Please take the time to read a few (or all) of the articles below to educate yourselves on the current situation. We have also included some older articles on the DRC, specifically as they pertain to the plight of women, the constant danger they face and how they are subject to some of the most atrocious and inhumane acts beyond what one can imagine.

Below is an excerpt of an email sent to the Hands family on November 29th by our Service Centre Coordinator in the DRC, explaining the situation in Goma.

“Goma was in a gloomy situation but now water is available. The orphanage is full packed of children and refugee camps are multiplied all over. There are refugee camps behind the airport, in Mugunga, in Sake though the place has been destroyed because it is there the tense opposition stood between the 2 rival armies until the M23 took over, in the side of Nyamasasa there are plenty refugee camps. In shorts there are plenty of refugee camps where people are suffering with hunger. There is no bank opening and the situation is chaotic. As for the M23 they are still controlling the area and the population got used to it. The Monusco has taken control of the airport this time and the rebels have been given 48 hours by the government to quit Goma. Since the Monusco are controlling the airport we do have hope that things will change again. The situation which is controlling Goma more than the enemy is starvation from ordinary people who cant have access to their bank accounts and ordinary business to the victims in the multiple refugee camps where other people are hiding themselves. I think if our children are not starving in their village of Luhonga and Buhimba they should be scattered in some refugee camps where they may starve.”

Please pray for the women and children that are forced to flee their homes, that are subjected to torture and rape, and who face threats on their lives on a daily basis. Please pray for peace, that there would be no more bloodshed and that innocent lives would be spared. Please pray for the DRC.



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